Finale: I tried the habits of “highly successful people” for 30 days and here’s what happened

For those who haven't read my long-winded weekly accounts of my 30-day challenge (because… I get it), here are the ups and downs and everything in between. Ups I Caught A Lot of Worms – Over the past 30 days, I’ve had way more time to get way more done. I’ve been more productive than ever and have made great strides at work to bring my A-game every day. I guess getting up early really does help you catch more worms. Feeling Accomplished Encourages You to Keep Pushing – Settin

Week 3: Successful Habits Challenge

Quick update on week 3: have I found the key to success?! Waking up and working out have officially become a part of my morning routine. As a matter of fact, I'm waking up naturally now before my alarm goes off and have actually started to look forward to working out! While getting my sweat on, I've started listening to podcasts and news clips focused on productivity, life balance, health, nutrition and other motivational content instead of music. These really started to make

Week 2: Successful Habits Challenge

Ok, guys! I think I'm starting to get the hang of this! I'm 2 weeks in and feeling great! I'm getting the hang of the early start and am getting so much out of my daily yoga and mediation routine. I'm feeling refreshed and energized when I wake up, too! As a global marketer, my job calls for communication with colleagues from all around the world. Usually, by the time I'd be making it into the office, around 9 a.m., I was hit with a full inbox since my global counterparts had

Week 1: Successful Habits Challenge

Am I destined to be a failure??? Day 1 started off pretty rough. Rather than springing into action, I managed to wrangle myself out of bed around 7:30 in the morning missing my 5 a.m. target by 90 minutes! To be fair, I foolishly started this challenge on a Saturday, but since I was still up before the sun (and, again, it was a Saturday), I’ll put that in the W column. I set my priorities the night before so I had some errands and a few appointments that I put at the top of m

I tried the habits of “highly successful people” for 30 days and here’s what happened

If you’re a tenacious, career-driven Millennial like me, chances are you can’t resist the urge to click on those articles that pop up in your newsfeed with titles like, “11 productivity tips from people way more successful than you” or “7 habits executives do every day.” I recently came across an article in my LinkedIn feed discussing the “15 Habits of self-made millionaires” and it got me wondering… Was the difference between my wannabe-million-dollar-having, non-executive-l