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Week 2: Successful Habits Challenge

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Ok, guys! I think I'm starting to get the hang of this!

I'm 2 weeks in and feeling great! I'm getting the hang of the early start and am getting so much out of my daily yoga and mediation routine. I'm feeling refreshed and energized when I wake up, too!

As a global marketer, my job calls for communication with colleagues from all around the world. Usually, by the time I'd be making it into the office, around 9 a.m., I was hit with a full inbox since my global counterparts had been emailing since 3 a.m.! Now, I'm able to jump online shortly after their days start which has given me a slight edge since I'm able to sift through endless email updates from overseas before the barrage of US emails hits.

And, the funny thing? Other people were starting to notice! My team members from across the big pond were amazed that I was up and online that early in the morning. My boss’s boss – yep, that’s right – called me in his office to tell me how proud he was that I was getting to work early and putting in the extra effort. He mentioned that he’d noticed a change in me over the weeks and was impressed with my dedication and work ethic (little did he know, I was surviving on caffeine to wake me up and melatonin to put me out).

Overall, I was getting more done and feeling great about it!

How's it going for you? Keep me posted by commenting below!

With Love, From Kay

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