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Week 3: Successful Habits Challenge

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Quick update on week 3: have I found the key to success?!

Waking up and working out have officially become a part of my morning routine. As a matter of fact, I'm waking up naturally now before my alarm goes off and have actually started to look forward to working out! While getting my sweat on, I've started listening to podcasts and news clips focused on productivity, life balance, health, nutrition and other motivational content instead of music. These really started to make a difference in how I felt. Not only was I starting off my day, treating my body right, I was also feeding my mind!

At work, it felt good to breeze through emails without the impending fear of an immediate response. I was knocking things out left and right and feeling pretty accomplished.

And, with my less frantic mornings, I’ve had more time to email, text or call people that I’ve been meaning to catch up with. Since my 30-day challenge, I’ve scheduled 5 or so business lunches, coffee meetings, dinners, etc. – all in the good name of networking with successful people! These are things I just didn’t have time for. Now, I've got disposable time to kill in the mornings/afternoons which has really come in handy for my networking/social life.

I'm in the home stretch. Check back next week for my final post!

P.S. - How's the challenge going for you? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love, From Kay

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