Gray Shiplap Accent Wall for Less than $20

Ok. It’s official. I’m completely obsessed with Joanna Gaines… but in a totally non-weird way – I swear! 😊 Just like so many others, I was inspired by her style and signature shiplap accent walls. Only problem? My fiancé and I moved into a new build home. Meaning, there was no shiplap magically waiting to be unveiled behind drywall. We decided to DIY the look but needed a cheaper option than some of the expensive alternatives I found online! After some research online, and s

Upgrading Your Bathroom Mirrors for Less Than $50

If you’re anything like me, some might call you “frugal.” And in my eyes, that’s never a bad thing! My fiancé and I recently moved into our new build home and immediately wanted to make some upgrades. Every week at work, people ask me what I did over the weekend and I tell them I just did “some DIY work around the house.” And people keep looking at me crazy because we literally just built this townhome from the ground up. But, I’m going to let you in on a few secrets. Sometim